Albesa-Ramadera Design


The farm Albesa-Ramadera was co-designed by CADA and OPP to to meet the european animal welfare standards, minimize energy consumption, facilitate animal handling, optimize the use of personnel's time, facilitate student formation and to create a productive and nice work environment.



Explotation centered in piglet production, with capacity for 3.310 sows. Two aisles of 4.049 square meters devoted to gestation and covering control with concrete floor of regulated measures. Two aisles of 2.933 square meters devoted to farrowing with plastic floor. One aisle of 948 square meters devoted to reposition and quarantine / infectena with concrete floor of regulated measures. Office, Laundry roon, dining room, 3 changing rooms, restrooms and a veterinary. Security guard house. Accommodation for interns. Water treatment building. Slurry pond of 16 millions of litres with enough capacity to store 1 year of slurry production. Organic residue container (dead animals) and inorganic residue elimination system.