Electricity generation

Albesa Ramadera
Has a photovoltaic plant connected to a net of 475kWp by APLER. This installation occupies an area of around 3.300 square meters on the decks of two Around 2.000 modules REC PE240 have been used for the construccion of this plant with investors SMA Sunny Tripower which will produce more than 700 MWh of electricity per year, which equals to the yearly electric demand of around 500 inhabitants. The new facilities will avoid the emission to the atmosphere of about 273 tons of CO2 per year.

Key points to achive this

  • Energetic Audits: determine the consumption of the farm and the possibilities of it's reduction.
  • Energy Saving: the reducction possibilities in the behaivour of the energy users, isolation, heating, ventilation, machinery. For example:
    • Low energy consumption from fans can save upto 75%.
    • Thermo W reduces heat consumption up to 25%